Agents on the Rise

What does it take to build a successful real estate career?

I would start by saying that it takes a total commitment on your part to make it happen. You have to put in the work to make it in this business. There are a lot of professions where you can just fake it and still collect a check every two weeks, but real estate isn’t one of those. You can get all of the training in the world and sit through all of the most informative seminars you can attend, but until you look at yourself in the mirror and make a commitment to put all that training to work, you will be broke. The majority of the real estate trainers and coaches out there will tell you a lot of the same information and strategies. It is all good information and the programs put in place are proven to be successful, but they still require the effort from you. Getting training is great, but if you don’t follow through with the effort, you will not make it in this business. So many agents have a confused look on their face and wonder why they don’t have any business. The reason is simple! You didn’t do the work! You put in minimal effort and expected maximum results. That’s not how this business works. It took me a little time to figure out that every single email or face to face contact with someone is an opportunity to earn business. You don’t have to be the annoying person walking around passing out cards, but when you do talk to someone, make sure they know what it is you do for a living. Make sure you listen to them instead of just trying to tell as many people as possible that you’re an agent. You can’t be afraid to ask for the business or a referral, but you don’t want to come across like a pushy sales person either. This is a business and you need to treat it like that. You wouldn’t open up a storefront business and then not show up to unlock the doors 3 days a week. Why would you start real estate business and not do any work 3 days a week. My philosophy has always been that if I am not out there actively pursuing business leads, someone else is. If I am not willing to put in the work, someone else is. I take it personal when a potential client chooses another agent to list their home or represent them as a buyer. It doesn’t bother me for very long, but I do remember them and make sure that if it was something specific as to why they didn’t choose me, I never let it happen again. Write a business plan, stick to that business plan and be accountable for your business. If your goal is to be a successful agent, be willing to put in as much effort as they did to get where they are.

Jeremy J. Burns


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