Don’t be a statistic

A staggering statistic in the real estate business is that 84% of new agents will be out of the business within 18 months. I have the opportunity to speak with new agents all the time and they all seem to have an unrealistic expectation of what their income level will be in year 1, 2 or 3. This is a career that can provide an agent with a very comfortable living, but like anything else, you will only achieve that level if you are willing to put in the work. So many agents think that once you get your license the money starts rolling in and the truth is that you are lucky to break even in year one. It will take you until your third year to actually make a respectable income. Most people coming from a corporate job where they are accustomed to getting a check every two weeks either don't have enough of a safety net to live on or they panic before that 18 month timeframe and go back to the comfort of a check every two weeks. My advice is to set a realistic expectation when you get in the business and understand that you won't be making a great living until you establish yourself in this business. The truth is that most agents fail because they don't put in the necessary work required to make it in this business. Listings don't just fall in your lap and buyers aren't typically knocking at your door. You have to be out there making it happen because if you aren't, someone else is. Don't be a statistic! Be one of the 16% that make it in this business and enjoy the benefits of a comfortable living. As always your referrals are appreciated!


Beautiful Home in Rolesville! $369,900

Come see this wonderful home in Rolesville. 4bd/3.5bath, brick, granite, huge bonus, unfinished 3rd floor, big master, ceramic, office, study, maple cabinets, wood floors, community pool, tennis and park! Walking distance to schools and shopping! Located in the fastest growing city in North Carolina! $369,900 call me today for a private showing 919-229-2051.