Building value to your clients

If you build the value of your knowledge and services during a sales presentation or listing appointment, you shouldn’t have to worry about ever discounting your rate. If you go into a listing appointment and your best pitch is that you can do it for less than the competition, you automatically discredit your value. Anyone can cut their commission in an attempt to get a listing, but by showing a client why you are worth what you charge, you gain trust and client confidence. There is always an agent out there willing to cut a commission in the hopes of getting business. Set the expectation level of  your services in the beginning of the transaction and continue to meet and exceed that level throughout the transaction. This builds your value even more and also demonstrates to the client that you are well worth what you are getting paid. Be professional, promote confidence and build value in the services you will be providing and your clients will see the benefits of using you to represent them in the real estate transaction.