Mortgage Center

There is nothing more satisfying than getting approved a mortgage. The process that goes along with that can sometimes seem overwhelming. It doesn’t have to be! From the comfort of your office, couch or patio, apply with confidence. I know there are some pretty big lenders in this industry, but after doing many transactions with lenders in different states, I can assure you that working with a local lender is the best way to go. Not only can Thomas Brown meet or beat just about any loan out there, FM Lending makes the process as stress free as possible. I give them my total confidence and having loan officer in the same building is an amazing benefit for you. If we have a question, I can personally walk over and speak with him. That doesn’t happen when you are working with a lender two time zones away. I have been doing this long enough to know that keeping your business local and having a loan officer here, is in your best interest.  Follow the link to get started today! It is easy and your path to a new home is waiting!