How to defeat “mega agents”

As a newer agent you will have to go up against so called “mega agents” and you better know how to sell your services during a listing appointment.  A “mega agent” will push their average of listing 30 houses per month, having a team of 40 agents working under them and being on the “best ever club” for their company. These agents have to list 30 houses a month because they need to use them for advertising to find buyers to cover overhead costs. It’s simple math to see that 40 agents listing 30 houses per month is less than 1 a month per agent, so it’s really not that impressive. My philosophy has always been that they sell the look, but fail the client. Most homes are overpriced and sit on the market longer. This is what they need to make their business work! They need the advertising and there is no better advertising than yard signs. Even if they feature what looks like a 1980’s glamour shot of the agent. 

The second thing to think about is if the “mega agent” will actually answer when you call at anytime of day. Most likely they will have one of their people in the pyramid assigned to your property and you will never speak with the person who puts their name on the sign when you have a question. I have built my business on personal service and being the one who answers the phone when a client calls. That means when you call, I answer! Doesn’t matter what is going on or what time it is. I joke that this is a 24/7 business, but there is more truth to it than you think. You will not find “personal service” with big agents. They simply don’t have the time to deal with every listing. They have to manage a team and not manage their client’s.  

It all comes down to what type of service and results you would like as a client. I prefer to deliver personal service, attention to detail and to follow through on what I say. My business is based on being ethical, honest and accountable in every transaction, for every  client. I would rather lose a listing by being honest than to compromise my integrity to cover my overhead. If that is the type of service you want from your agent, give me a call and let’s chat about your real estate needs. My goals are always your goals! 

Jeremy J. Burns 


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