Mixing friends and finances

Lets face it. Nobody likes to discuss their financial situation with friends. My real estate business depends heavily on my sphere of influence and a major part of that sphere is comprised of my friends who are reluctant to share their financial situation with me. This is a major factor in friends of mine not reaching out to me when they have a need for a real estate agent. There has been several occasions that I have had close friends not even contact me to represent them in their home purchase and I feel like this is the only reason for them not reaching out. I have made it a point to keep my role as an agent very separate from the lending side of the transaction. I have a great lender in my office (Thomas Brown 919-229-2049) that takes all of the financial information from the client and gives me a simple pre-approval letter, that we can submit with the offer. I never have to see what you make or what your credit score is at anytime during the process. You should choose an agent that you enjoy working with and that you feel that you can trust with this important decision. Why not choose your friend? You enjoy spending time with them, you feel open to discussing things you like/dislike about homes, you can trust them, you don’t have awkward conversations/moments of weird silence and you know that they have your best interest in mind. If you take away the thought of having your friend see all of your financial information and just focus on why you should choose a friend to help you with your real estate transaction, it really isn’t even a tough answer at that point! Click on the FM Lending link to get started with your approval process!

Thomas Brown   (919) 229-2049     http://www.fmlending.com






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