Neuse Crossing Real Estate Activity January 26, 2016

The following information includes Neuse Crossing and surrounding neighborhoods. As we entered the new year we were surprised to see the typical winter slow down not happen. the reason it never really happened was because of the lack of homes that were available on the market. It reverts back to the supply and demand law and because the supply was so low, we saw the available homes sell very well and for at or near asking price. With the spring rush right around the corner we will soon find out how strong the market will stay. Even with interest rates being raised I don’t think it will affect the market that much at this point. Once we see the supply increase, I predict that we see the prices stay at or above what they are now, even with the added competition. I think it will be similar to last year when we saw multiple homes sell for well above asking price in desirable locations. Time will tell, but if you are even considering the thought of selling or buying a home, I will be happy to meet with you and discuss your homes value and go over your options. Contact me today at 919-229-2051.

Neuse Crossing and Surrounding RE Activity as of January 26, 2016


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