Easy and inexpensive way to update older kitchens 

we recently decided that we couldn’t take the look of our 90’s kitchen, but didn’t want to spend $15,000 on a remodel. The cabinets we had were fine, but they were just a dark cherry with brass hardware. It basically looked like the kitchen cabinets from the move Home Alone. After watching a few videos and reading some articles on the Internet, we decided to tackle the project by ourselves. It didn’t hurt that I had some experience in painting and a sprayer at my disposal either. For less than $100 we were able to complete the project and did it in 1 day. We used all existing hardware and sprayed it with an oil rubbed bronze to give it a fresh look. We used a Behr alkyd paint for the cabinets and did it with one coat. Turned out fantastic and gave our kitchen a fresh new look. 







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